Our Story

Pathway Community Church is a miracle from God. In the summer of 2014, Ryan and Jana Miller lived in Indianapolis and were wrestling with what God had next for them. Ryan had worked in campus ministry for the previous decade and Jana had raised their three (eventually it would turn in to four) kids. During that summer, God gave an overwhelming call on their lives to move back to the town where Jana grew up and start a church.

Two years later the Millers had partnered with a national church planting network called ARC (www.arcchurches.com). They moved to Marietta, OH in May 2016 and began building a team of people to start the church together. The events that transpired over that summer were nothing short of miraculous. 45 adults decided to join a “launch team” that would help to start Pathway. A large church in Indiana gave a $30,000 gift to help Pathway get started and ARC provided an additional $50,000 in financial support. A worship leader joined the team and a location opened up in a business park to hold regular Sunday services.

On October 23 rd , 2016, Pathway Community Church was opened. For the last three years we have now watched hundreds of people make decisions to follow Christ. An amazing team of volunteers (we call them the Dream Team) have come together to make our Sunday services possible. God has been gracious and we’re excited to see what the future holds. We’d love to have you join this movement with us.

Our Mission

Connecting people to Jesus, each other, and their purpose.

Connecting People to Jesus

We are passionately committed to introducing people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the author, finisher and perfecter of our faith. Without Him, we have nothing. Jesus has changed our lives and we believe He will change your life too.

Connecting People to Each Other

We all need friends. We need a tribe who will support us through thick and thin. You’ll begin building friendships by attending our Sunday services, but our connect groups are the best way to find your tribe within our church.

Connecting People to Their Purpose

Believe it or not, you have a purpose from God. You were not created on accident. You were created with a design and an intention in mind. We help people discover their purpose by taking them through The Path.

Our Team

Ryan Miller

Lead Pastor

Ryan and Jana are the proud parents of Lucas, Grace, Kylie and Maddie. God called the Millers to plant a church in 2014, and two years later they moved to Marietta to do just that. Most weekends you’ll hear Ryan deliver the sermon. He also oversees the staff team and guides our church through our expansion project.

Dave Queen

Worship Director

Dave has been leading the Pathway band since the church was three months old. After many years of being a touring musician, Dave responded to God's call to lead the church in musical worship. Most weekends you’ll find his wife, Dee, serving on our sound board. Dave and Dee have two married children who live in Delaware and Texas, and recently became grandparents.

Julia L. Paugstat

Connections Coordinator

Julia is a small business owner, passionate leader, and mother of two daughters. She covers the administrative duties in the church, but also walks people through the process of getting connected in our church. Julia helps people from the moment they walk through the door as a new guest, to their first Sunday as a volunteer on the Pathway dream team. She would love to grab coffee with you.

Dee Kapple

Children's Coordinator

Dee loves working with kids and seeing them grow in to their potential. She is simultaneously a teacher at Oak Grove Christian School while also leading all of our children’s ministry efforts. You will not find a more committed person to the spiritual development of kids.

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