God didn't intend you to live a dull faith. He has always wanted you to live a full, purpose-filled life. Here you'll find some resources to help you with just that. Explore each section, take the assessments, and step into a new chapter of your faith today.

Help Me Understand Videos

How do I read the Bible? What is a "Testament" anyway? Sometimes we just have questions about faith but don't have easy access to answers.

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Myers Briggs Resources

We're each wired differently. Sometimes we don't like our personalities, but they're truly a gift from God. Understanding our personality is critical to experiencing joy in life.

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Spiritual Gifts Resources

God has given us each special gifts. They're things that come easy and feel natural to us. Finding and understanding these gifts is key to finding joy in our lives and in our faith.

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Enneagram Resources

Sometimes knowing why we do what we do is the most important thing we can understand about ourselves. The Enneagram is a great tool for understanding the motivation behind our actions.

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