Welcome To The Path

The Path is an incredible opportunity for anyone who has been attending our church, but is ready to take a next step. We'll give you the opportunity to join the church. We'll also teach you a great deal about you personality and spiritual gifts, and then we'll invite you to join a ministry team (something we call the Dream Team). Are you ready to walk a path to growth with us?

Pathway 101: Join our Church

This step teaches you our mission, vision, governmental structure, and statement of faith. At the end of this video you'll be invited to use the link below to formally join our church.

Pathway 201: Discover your Design

You were made by God with great intentionality and purpose. God gave you natural talents, a specific personality type, and spiritual gifts. Each of these pieces are used by God to give you an assignment in life.

Pathway 301: Make a Difference

You'll find purpose in our church when you put your gifts to use for ministry, and join a ministry team. This video will give you the opportunity to do just that. You can find a place on our Dream Team and learn how to make a difference in the lives of others.